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Moodle Basics

Creating Labels

Creating a Discussion Forum

Adding an Assignment

Activities Types on Moodle

Add & Remove Blocks in Moodle

Add TurnItIn Assignment in Moodle

Annotating Documents in the Assignment PDF Editor

Moodle: Gradebook

Overview - Gradebook in Moodle

Setting up the Gradebook

Creating Rubrics

Grading & Giving Feedback for Forums

Grading & Giving Feedback for Assignments

Grading & Giving Feedback on Quizzes

Grade Category Options in Gradebook

Grade Assignments in Gradebook

Grade Calculation in Gradebook

Moodle: Quizzes

Creating a Quiz and Adding Questions

Create Multiple Choice Questions

Create Short Answer Questions

Create Essay Questions

Create Matching Questions

Create True/False Questions

Adding Descriptions to Quizzes


Overview of Zoom @ Loyola

Logging into Zoom with your Loyola credentials

📖 Basic Zoom tutorials


Overview of Panopto @ Loyola

The Simplest Way to Use Panopto

Flip (formerly FlipGrid)

Overview of Flip @ Loyola

📖 Getting Started with Flip

📖 Additional Flip Resources


Overview of PollEverywhere @ Loyola


Overview of Qualtrics @ Loyola

📖 Creating Accessible Surveys in Qualtrics